Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's Shaking for WebOS - NEW issue Reported with maps. Fix coming soon!! UPDATE: LIVE as af 28 Aug 2014!

What's Shaking:

NOTE: We are aware that the WebOS version maps are not correctly loading. A fix has been submitted to the app catalog which should be available soon. (version 1.10.2014). The new version also fixes a display issue with the first quake not being shown and the distance from the location error. Also fixed is the "set my location manually feature" (now live!)

And try the android and iOS versions of What's shaking already available from iTunes and Play Store.

Download from *HERE*

"Available in English": Find out where the latest earthquakes are occurring across the globe with "What's Shaking!" A free app that shows the latest earthquakes across the world. Sort by Largest, Nearest (uses GPS to find your position), or Latest Earthquakes. It will even show your current location and altitude if available. You can also "shake" your phone to refresh the listings! Click the Globe icon next to each quake listing to load a Google Map showing your position and the quake!! NEW in Version 1.0.411: Text, Email, Facebook or Twitter quake information. Version 1.0.302 shows up to 25 of the latest earthquakes for more results! (Use preferences to filter Mag>2.5 up to Mag > 6.5 size quakes. Point markers now fixed. We are aware of some map redraw issues, double-tap map to zoom in or use orange/white button and +/- keys to zoom). Quakes are shown in your local timezone. To show UTC time, change in the preferences menu. If GPS fails, set precision to maximum in Preferences Menu


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