Thursday, July 11, 2013

iOS Software

The long wait is over - The iOS versions of our apps are released!! What's Shaking iOS now available. DocTray, Techtray and EZPulse iOS also available!!

**** COMING SOON: iOS version Doctray and iPad versions (for now use iPhone version on iPad) *****

For Doctray for iOS**AVAILABLE NOW!**

For What's Shaking for iOS NEW!!**Click here**

For TechTray for iOS**AVAILABLE NOW!**

For EZPulse (EasyPulse) iOS - Click HERE

What's Shaking iOS

** Update version 1.7.2013 and higher will contain a fix to speed up the app. Click HERE for more information

Search for "what's shaking" in the itunes store or visit this link (click here)


Find out where the latest earthquakes are occurring across the globe with "What's Shaking!" A free app that shows the latest earthquakes across the world. Sort by Largest, Nearest (uses GPS to find your position), or Latest Earthquakes. It will even show your current location and altitude if available. Click the Globe icon next to each quake listing to load a Google Map showing your position and the quake!! Facebook or Twitter quake information to friends! Quakes are shown in your local timezone. To show UTC time, change in the preferences menu.

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