Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tip Top Calculator

Kliktray presents....

Tip Top Calculator!

Just go to :

A convenient easy-to-use calculator that allows you to calculate a Tip for a restaurant bill! 

  • Split the Check
  • Top up the tip (round to the nearest dollar or Top up the Total (round the final Total)
  • Tip pre-tax amount or by your local tax rate (google it).  Great for cases where you get a bill without the tax amount

To Install this App :  No App Store Needed (its not there!).   Just go to :   Once it loads in iOS in Safari for example, hit the "up arrow" at the bottom of safari and scroll to find "Add to Home Screen".  This will create a nice little icon for the program and the web-"app" is installed.  The same way works for the Samsung Browser etc.

For Chrome or Edge browser on Windows or macOS or Linux:  Just go to - Look for the (+) sign in the address bar and click to Install.   Or from the menu (top right 3 dots), choose "Install TipTopCalc"

Works on : Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, just about anything with web access!! Use it on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and more! A whole variety of platforms as a web-app! 

Here's a screenshot

Add to Home Screen to create an "app" (use the up arrow in Safari)

Several options are available: Round the Tip, Pay tip on Pre-tax Total and Select Tip Rate

Share the app to others from the about screen